Câble de commande VFD

Des conditions difficiles demandent des solutions innovatrices et General Cable constitue votre ressource mondiale pour de nouveaux produits ainsi que pour une grande gamme de câbles industriels de première qualité dans l'industrie. Nous offrons une série de câbles à fréquence variable (VFD) dans des spécifications armées et non armées et dans une grande variété de puissances nominales.

With CVTC® VFD (XLPE/PVC) Type TC-ER unarmored and CCW® VFD (Continuously Corrugated Welded) Type MC-HL armored product lines, General Cable offers high-quality VFD cable solutions for factory automation, traditional power generation, refining and petrochemical, marine, specialty chemical and wastewater treatment applications. Many of General Cable’s designs incorporate symmetrical grounding, minimizing ground voltages and induced ground currents, which can lead to motor-bearing fluting and premature motor failure. These cables undergo stringent testing to ensure reliable power from the AC drive systems to AC motors. With our processing capabilities and know-how as one of the industry’s leading suppliers, our VFD industrial-grade designs efficiently handle voltage spikes, common with fast-switching PWM signals, and minimize both radiated and induced Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) through optimized ground and shielding system options.

CVTC® VFD Cable Offering: CCW® VFD Cable Offering:

CCW® Hazardous Location (HL) Armored VFD Cable - Low-Voltage Power CCW® Hazardous Location (HL) Armored VFD Cable - Medium-Voltage Power